Your feedback


Each of the services we offer has service standards. It's really helpful for us when we receive feedback for when we go above (compliment) or below those standards (complaint). Your feedback is really important to us and helps us to improve our services.

You can give us your feedback in the following ways:

If you are a tenant, you can report feedback through your online account, by logging in and clicking on the 'your feedback' button.  

Online:  If you are not one of our tenants and you wish to give us some feedback, you can complete our online customer feedback form below which will be sent to us once you click ‘proceed’.

Customer Feedback Form


By phone:  You can give us feedback by calling our customer service centre on 0800 2182247. We'll also offer you the chance to let us know how we handled your call with our post-call satisfaction survey. 

By letter:   59 Clarendon Road, Watford WD17 1LA


Please note: If you are reporting an anti-social behaviour issue please complete the form here.

                        If you are requesting compensation you can find our policy regarding this here.


We’ve recently reviewed our Customer Feedback Policy and Procedure to make it clearer, simpler and easier to use in order to resolve issues better and more quickly. All our staff have been fully briefed on the updated Policy and Procedure, which gives more information about how we handle all feedback, including complaints. You can find the policy below.

Click below to read our policy and procedure on feedback:

Customer Feedback Policy Procedure