Just like you, we are concerned about fly-tipping in your area. We all need to throw out large household items such as appliances and furniture from time to time, but it is vital that all waste items – whether big or small – are disposed of responsibly.

As well as being anti-social and spoiling the look of your neighbourhood for all residents, fly-tipping is a criminal offence – punishable by up to 12 months’ imprisonment or a fine of up to £50,000. 

How should I dispose of rubbish and unwanted larger items, such as appliances and furniture?

Wherever possible the best option is to recycle, rehome or reuse your unwanted items. Here are some ideas for how you can dispose of unwanted items:

What can I do to reduce litter and fly-tipping in my area?

Help us to keep your neighbourhoods clean and tidy by disposing of waste responsibly.

Should you see anyone fly-tipping, please report it to Watford Borough Council on 01923 226400.

Watford Borough Council has secured numerous convictions against individuals for fly-tipping, with sentences ranging from large fines to imprisonment.

For more information, visit:

For advice on fly-tipping from Hertfordshire Police, visit here.

What are you doing to tackle litter and fly-tipping?

As part of the Safer Watford group, Watford Community Housing is working with Watford Borough Council, Hertfordshire Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner and environmental solutions provider Veolia to create Cleaner Community Areas. cca  


The group is promoting the correct methods for disposing of waste items and working with residents to create cleaner neighbourhoods. We are also looking to run Tidy-up Days, giving local residents access to a free skip and offering advice on rubbish disposal and recycling.

When is the next Tidy-up Day?

 We are hoping to hold Tidy-Up Days across a number of areas, so check here regularly for more details of the next Tidy-Up day.

Did you know?

  • Putting your unwanted items outside your house to be taken by a passer-by or a scrap metal collector is illegal.
  • Watford Borough Council undertakes criminal investigations into fly-tipping on public and private land and will prosecute where possible.
  • Fly-tipping causes pollution, creates a health risk, spoils people’s quality of life and costs many thousands of pounds a year to clear in Watford.
  • Builders and other tradespeople are required to have a license to carry waste or use a licensed carrier to remove waste from their jobs. If you employ a builder to work on your home, it is a criminal offence if you don't take reasonable steps to check that they are disposing of your waste correctly­ – so don’t risk being caught out.
  • You will need a permit if you are taking your waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre in a van, pick-up truck, commercial vehicle or a vehicle with a trailer. The permit is free of charge. For information, visit: