Downsizing your property

cash house

Downsize your home and get a cash bonus!

Do you have too many bedrooms? Does your home no longer meet your needs? By 'downsizing', you could earn yourself some cash.

Downsizing to a smaller property could mean lower rent, Council Tax and fuel bills.  A property that is easier to maintain and keep clean, giving you a better quality of life. Plus, we have a cash incentive scheme in place which will help towards the cost of moving.   

Our Housing Options Advice service can assist with the moving process by providing information, support and practical assistance. If you wish, a member of staff can visit you in your home to talk through any concerns or aspects of moving you require.

If you are considering downsizing and need further advice or assistance please contact the Homes Team on 0800 218 2247 or email

If you have made improvements to your home, such as installing central heating, you may be eligible for compensation. This will depend on the type of work, the value and when it was done. Claims must be submitted within 14 days of your tenancy ending. The quickest way to make a claim is to complete the section at the back of the Termination of Tenancy form, click below. 

How to end your tenancy - 2014