Boundary Way Development

area properties Aerial viewA, B,C,C1, DE,F,G



In September 2014, Watford Community Housing was granted planning permission at Boundary Way from Three Rivers District Council and Watford Borough CouncilThis was after extensive consultation with neighbours and local stakeholders. The develpment plans to  deliver: 

  • A residential-led development of exceptional quality and 56 much needed new homes of which 100% are affordable
  • A new community hub with a community building and shop and shopkeepers flat.
  • A contemporary and high quality design that is appropriate for the future aspirations of the estate
  • Improved public open spaces for new and surrounding residents

In 2017, we parted ways with the original contractors, Life Space, and selected new contractors Life Build to continue working on the development. 

Download some of the previous Boundary Way newsletters here:  

Boundary Way newsletter Summer 2018
Boundary Way newsletter March 2018
Boundary Way newsletter Jan 2018



If you have any thoughts about the development please comment on the open discussion at the end of this page.  

Area A will provide five 1 bed flats, four 2 bed flats, & one 3 bed flat
Area B will provide four 1 bed flats, eighteen 2 bed flats & five 3 bed houses
Area C will provide four 1 bed flats
Area C1 will provide two 1 bed flats
Area D  will provide one 2 bed house
Area E will provide four 2 bed houses
Area F will provide four 1 bed flats
Area G will provide four 1 bed flats

area properties


Aerial View of the new site 

Aerial view



Aerial View of Areas A,B,C,C1 & D 

A, B,C,C1, D


Aerial view of areas E, F &G


Dealing with Asbestos

Please click here for the Asbestos Removal Method Statement April 2015

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