Assisted gardening

LAWN MOWERThe Assisted Gardening Programme is a scheme whereby residents  who fulfil  certain criteria, can have their grass cut ten times between the first week of April and the last week of October.  This means that your grass will be cut approximately every twenty days between these dates as long as the weather permits. The scheme also allows residents to have hedges cut twice throughout the year, once in June, and again in October. 

There is a limit to the number of residents that we are able to accept on to this scheme, and this limit is presently two hundred.  Applications received after this quota has been reached will be placed onto a waiting list, and informed once they reach the top of this list for inclusion in the scheme.  

The criteria for acceptance onto this scheme is as follows:

  • Must be a Watford Community Housing tenant and live alone (or with another vulnerable person) AND
  • Have a disability and be in receipt of means tested benefits (disability for the purpose of administering this scheme includes a chronic medical condition which prevents you from tackling physical jobs effectively) OR
  • Be aged over 65 and in receipt of means tested benefit

Once you are accepted on to the scheme you will have a letter sent to you during March which will inform you of the schedules for the grass cutting cycle.

Please note that this scheme does not include weeding, maintenance of shrub beds, or works to any trees in your garden, only the tasks as described. 

To apply for assisted gardening:

Call us on 0800 2182247