Asbestos in your home

Here are some details of the most frequent materials containg asbestos located within the Trust's housing stock: 


Corrugated asbestos cement roof sheets to a garage block

These are generally located externally to sheds, garages, bin stores and outhouses. The asbestos within cement products are held firmly in a strong matrix.


No work should be carried out on this type of material including cleaning moss.





 Asbestos textured ceiling coating can also be applied to walls  

These can be found on ceilings and walls internally and within our communal areas. The material does not contain a large percentage of asbestos, with the fibres being held within a strong matrix.

No abrasive work should be undertaken to this material. It is safe to paint and dust textured coatings that are in a good condition.





Vinyl Flooring These are generally found throughout our properties as they were considered a durable floor covering. The material does not contain a large percentage of asbestos, with the fibres being held within a strong matrix.

No abrasive work should be undertaken to this material. It is safe to clean floor tiles that are in a good condition.






Asbestos window sill

These are generally found in our sheltered schemes and very durable.

It is safe to clean this material and display personal effects on, however no works should be undertake that will cause damage.







Asbestos toilet cistern generally located in external blocks

These very durable and heavy, generally located at high level, especially within external WC’s.

It is safe to clean this material and store personal effects on, however the cistern should not be replaced by you, this will be replaced by the Trust during its improvement works.






Asbestos doors to be built in wardrobe

Asbestos panels are located in several areas
within our properties, generally these are found on
the backs of airing cupboard doors, forming meter
cupboards, stair panels and doors and some built
in wardrobe doors. 

No abrasive works should beundertaken to these materials including fixing
any item to them. It is safe to store personnel effects on top of painted panels. These materials are safe to paint and clean as long as they are in a good condition and already painted

Asbestos panels to staircase and understairs cupboard door

Asbestos panels are generally used externally as soffit boards to roof areas, porches and canopies. These items can be hidden by new PVC products, therefore you should check with the Trust prior to carrying out any works that 

involve penetrating the PVC.

No abrasive works should be undertaken to these materials including fixing any item to them. These materials are safe to paint and clean as long as they are in a good condition and have already been painted.

Asbestos soffit to external front door canopy









For more details about where asbestos can generally be found please click here.