Are you eligible for the Household Support Fund?

Are you eligible for the Household Support Fund?
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We’re pleased to announce that the ‘Household Support Fund’ has reopened, creating additional funding for eligible Watford Community Housing residents living in the Three Rivers area!

If you are a resident of ours living in the Three Rivers area and are having difficulties with your finances – such as paying for food, energy bills or other essentials – you may qualify for the ‘Household Support Fund’. This is grant money we receive from Three Rivers District Council to help those facing money worries.

Here are just a few ways the government grant has helped our tenants:

  • A tenant advised us that after years of use, her washing machine, oven and microwave were all broken – we helped her pay for her essential appliances.
  • A single mum to a young child who claims Universal Credit, on benefit reductions and had fallen behind on her energy bills – we helped her with a supermarket voucher and money towards a gas bill.
  • A tenant was very grateful for the help they received from the grant – she said she had been given “a new lease of life for [her] and the children”.

If you need a bit of extra support at this time, please fill out the application form here, and we can see if we can help you.

If it is difficult for you to fill out an online form, or you have any questions about your eligibility for the grant, you can contact us by emailing or calling 0800 218 2247.

The fund is time-limited so don’t delay – register now!