Ted talks!

Ted talks!
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Ted Eze, retired electrical engineer, recently became a certified creative writer and he came to visit the team to share just how much of a difference this achievement has made to his life.

With a longstanding love for writing, Ted’s retirement finally allowed him the time to focus on this passion and, with our help, he undertook a 10-week creative writing course at West Herts College to enhance his skills and love for storytelling.

Ted explained: “I’ve written so many short stories but now I have the skills to bring them to life and create full stories that could even turn into books!”

Finding inspiration in everyday events, Ted has planned his first story since finishing the course – he hopes to write about how technology over the years has changed and enhanced the relationships in his life. The way he communicates with his loved ones has changed enormously over the course of numerous decades, from before the days of the internet when sending letters to Nigeria could take over a week, to now being able to have face-to-face conversation through Skype in a matter of seconds!

This course has also helped Ted in ways we could never have imagined. With recent medical problems that have led him to sometimes struggle with his memory, Ted has found writing to be something really therapeutic, finding a flow when he is creating his stories. This has had a positive impact on his memory, with Ted not losing his train of thought quite as much as he would if he was talking.

Ted said: “Thank you to Watford Community Housing for funding this course. I wouldn’t have been able to participate otherwise and it has reignited my passion for writing.”

Helping people like Ted to follow their passions, learn a new skill and grow in confidence is just one of many ways we are here to support residents and it is fantastic to hear how this course has helped Ted in so many ways. Congratulations to you, Ted – we can’t wait to see your stories come to life!