Save money on your heating bills with a free smart thermostat!

Save money on your heating bills with a free smart thermostat!
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We want to make sure you live in a warm, healthy and affordable home – so we’re joining in with a new initiative to help save you money on your heating bills. CoControl Limited, a company specialising in devices which help social housing tenants save money on their bills, have developed a smart thermostat and boiler controller which can help you to manage the amount of heating you use, and as a result save money on your bills.

The device, which is installed in your home for free, has been proven to save you 15-20% on your heating costs, and some residents who have used a CoControl device have even halved their heating bills!

A CoControl thermostat is easy to use and, as a piece of ‘smart’ technology it only requires a small amount of electricity and WiFi bandwidth to run effectively.

If you would like to start saving money on your bills, we’ll ask Engie, our preferred contractor, to get in touch and arrange with you a suitable time to fit the device. The installation will take no more than 30 minutes, and we’ll show you how to use the device once it’s ready to go.

Call us on 01923 209151 to arrange your appointment and start saving money!

We’ve also answered some of questions you might have about the CoControl device below. 

What is a CoControl device?
A CoControl device is a SMART thermostat which connects via broadband to measure conditions such as humidity and temperature within your home. It learns from activity within your home and optimises the heating for your comfort and to save you money. No fiddly dials or programmers - the system uses simple ‘make me warmer, make me cooler’ controls to ensure that your home is heated to the temperature you want.
How will it save me money?
CoControl learns the best way to heat your home, with little or no interaction (unless of course you want to). It is intuitive and allows you to avoid unnecessarily overheating your property, therefore saving you money on overly expensive heating bills. Recent tests for another housing provider have shown savings per household of between 15-20%. This saving can amount to £150 a year for many people.
Will it affect how my boiler works?
Not at all - your boiler will continue to work in the same way as it usually does! This additional item just needs to be added to the boiler controls. You will receive a hand held remote control to adjust the temperature if needed. If you decide that the SMART thermostat is not for you then it can revert back to a normal thermostat.
What other information do I need to know?
The device will need to connect to Wi-Fi to work. It uses a very small bandwidth and a very small amount of data.
Also, the boiler unit will also need to be plugged in to the mains, so if your heating is part of a communal system unfortunately we can’t offer you a device at the moment.
I have more questions – who can I talk to?
For all your questions or concerns, please get in touch with Kelly Privitera at Watford Community Housing by calling 01923 209151 or emailing