Helping to protect and support with safeguarding training

Helping to protect and support with safeguarding training
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This week, Watford Community Housing organised safeguarding training for our staff and volunteers to help them learn to recognise the signs of abuse, neglect and vulnerability in children. Delivered by Pro-Action, a membership charity supporting youth provision across the county, the training focused on giving important and life-saving information about safeguarding to our local resident and community groups, who regularly host events for children and families.

In total, eleven people attended the three-hour training course, which focused on identifying the different signs and symptoms of abuse. Although sometimes a difficult topic, the course was an interesting and useful way to look at how staff and volunteers can protect children in vulnerable situations from physical, mental and emotional abuse.

Speaking about the success of the course, Sarah Croombs, Chair of single parents group Solo Stars, commented: “I really loved the course – although it wasn’t pleasant to hear about some of the awful scenarios, it was very valuable and eye-opening. It was good to meet others and the trainer excellent, she was very clear and made sure we all understood.”

Staff member Helen Byfield, Trainee Surveyor, said: “I thought it was a very interesting course and I’m glad I attended. I learnt a lot on the subject, including things I wasn’t previously aware of like the elements of abuse that aren’t always seen. The trainer was excellent and very engaging with sharing real life stories which helped put into context what she was explaining.”

Overall, as a result of the course, the trainer and Pro-Action, our staff and volunteers are now better prepared to identify and report safeguarding issues.

Thank you to everyone involved!