Saving you money on your water bills

Saving you money on your water bills
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We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Affinity Water and Cenergist to help you save money by reducing your water usage, and to help Affinity Water work towards minimising water poverty.

Projects by Cenergist save customers on average 54 litres of water per day and can equate to savings of up to £119 per year across water and energy bills for customers on water meters.

You will be sent a letter offering you the chance to have a water-saving product installed, which will reduce the amount of water used in your home, without reducing your water pressure or the amount of water you’re able to use. It will not only help you to make savings your water bills (if you have a meter), but also on your energy bills, as less energy will be used to heat water – although it will remain the same temperature.

This completely free project involves a qualified technician from Cenergist coming to your home and installing your water saving product. They will also offer water-saving advice and look for any signs of leaks.

To book an appointment or find out more, please call Cenergist directly on 0191 261 0406 or email