Our first ‘scrutiny sprint’ event – damp and mould

Our first ‘scrutiny sprint’ event – damp and mould
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On the 1st November we held our first ‘scrutiny sprint’ on the topic of damp and mould. The event was called a ‘sprint’ because we covered everything there is to know in one day!

As a community gateway organisation our customers are at the heart of everything we do.  We give our tenants a wide range of opportunities to directly influence and scrutinise our performance to ensure we are constantly improving our services and our customers’ experience with us. 

The event was attended by nine tenants, several Watford Community Housing staff members, and Tim Morton from Engage Associates as an independent chair.

The attendees discussed a range of topics including what causes of damp and mould, statistics on the number of and types of cases we dealt with from 2019 to present, how much it costs us to fix issues caused by damp and mould, complaints, and their own experiences. We had a lot of great feedback on the day, including this from one of the attendees: “I thought today was fantastic. It felt good to be listened to. I think the group was a great support and help, with some very helpful input and views.”

Due to the success of the event, we will be producing a follow-up report which will list recommendations for improvements, and we will also be holding a Tenant Question Time event on Wednesday 8th December to enable other tenants to ask questions and comment on the report. If you’re interested in coming along, please contact community@wcht.org.uk.